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Medical Communications

Spirant Communication is a full-service medical education and communications company. Our aim is to further the education for physicians and other health professionals through innovative customised programs. Guided by the premise that clinicians who are well-informed and up-to-date about the advancements in science and medicine are best able to provide optimal patient care, we seek to partner with like-minded organizations that are interested in strengthening and supporting the cause of medical education.

Network :

It is one of the largest network dedicated exclusively to the healthcare education programs. With a deep insight into the needs and complexities of healthcare education, Spirant Communications delivers solutions that build strong connections with healthcare providers and patients.

Activities :

Activities are designed to reach physicians and health care providers in their practice settings or at the point of care and through convenient formats, including:

  • Text-based activities
  • Round Table Meets
  • Advisory Panels
  • Educational Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Internet webcasts (live and archived)
  • Video-based Presentations
  • Educational Movies
  • Podcasts
  • Medical conferences
  • Books and Journal Distribution

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